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This is a time to celebrate you as an and support you as an individual. A Mother Blessing is an opportunity for friends to show their love and appreciation for you, and to allow you to feel supported as you transition into the role of Mother. Whether it is for the first or the fourth pregnancy, a Mother Blessing is about recognising and marking this time of transition.


It is a time to focus on YOU, and to honour all parts of yourself - the lover, the mother, the friend; and to acknowledge all the feelings that may be arising - the fear, the excitement, the joy...

Mother Blessings can also work in the post-natal period around your baby's first birthday, as a way of recognising the epic experience of birthing your baby, getting through those early days. This ceremony is about creating a space to really acknowledge the intensity of the becoming a mother. It is a chance to feel held and loved and valued for all you have done.


I can coordinate and tailor a beautiful gathering for you - from the ceremonial to the playful... 

  • Belly Casting

  • Belly Painting

  • Foot Baths

  • Hand and Foot Massage

  • Creating a Birth Necklace

  • Threads of Connection

  • Releasing Fears/regrets

  • Setting Intentions

  • Welcoming in the new you

  • Celebrating your achievements



From £100 - contact me to chat about what you might need


Mother Blessings

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