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Informed  Empowered  Supported

Feel prepared and confident as you move towards birth and parenthood


Continuous practical, emotional and informational support


Companionship and advocacy throughout labour and birth


Postnatal support as you transition into life with your new-born

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GiveBirth Doula Services

Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, South Wales

A Little Bit About me


I am a Doula, Body worker and a National Childbirth Trust-trained Antenatal Practitioner. I run workshops bringing together mindfulness, arts-based practices and Nature connection for mothers, exploring the seismic transition into Motherhood. Birth work and supporting Mothers brings together all of my passions - human rights, therapeutic work, advocacy and communication. My work as a Doula puts me in service to the absolute awesomeness of the human body and the human spirit, and the pivotal role our wellbeing plays in the wellbeing of the world. 


My fascination with birth began with me as a young girl, pouring over my mother's copy of Dr Spock's Baby book. When I became pregnant in 2013, I awakened to a world of complexity, beauty and challenges. It seemed as though everyone had an opinion about my body and my baby – my midwife, my family, friends, baby books, websites… I had so many decisions to make, and although I was usually so certain and strong-minded, I actually felt quite unsure and vulnerable. Eventually, I realised that I needed to learn to trust my instincts, and to find my inner compass amidst a sea of expectations, conventions and protocols.


I gave birth to my daughter at home with the support of 2 wonderful NHS midwives and a Doula. It was then that I came to understand the power and privilege of having someone there to accompany me throughout that huge transition without judgement. I decided then that I wanted to become a birth worker, and to play a role in enabling people to empower themselves through the birthing journey, whilst holding the question: How can we make this support accessible to all? My work with Doulas without Borders is part of this commitment. I gave birth to my second child, who we conceived following a miscarriage in hospital during the First Lockdown in 2020. I chose an induction due to an acute medical condition, so it was a very different experience to my home birth! But nonetheless powerful and beautiful. I learned a lot and it made me even more certain about the work I do, and the importance of providing support during this time.  


Aside from birth work, I have been involved with women-focused projects since my time at Leeds University, when I brought the first Community Production of the Vagina Monologues to the UK in 2001. I went on to run a women-only theatre production company, before working with Lynne Franks at the SEED network. I have been involved in running women's circles for the past 10 years, where I have learned the importance of women-centred networks of support. Within this context I am in a learning process around widening my understanding of inclusion for the LGTBQ community and recognising the inadequacy of some of the terms used around pregnancy, birth and parenthood.


More recently, I made and toured an award-winning documentary film and community-building project called wetheuncivilised: A Life Story, which looks at ecology, spirituality, activism and what it means to be a human being at this time of environmental and sociological crisis. The film asks: How can our actions honour future generations? 



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Herefordshire, Monmouthshire

Every woman deserves to feel empowered, informed and supported through pregnancy, birth
Whatever choices you make about your pregnancy and your birth - whether you have chosen an 
elected cesarean or a drug-free home birth - I am here to listen without judgement, to support you, and to advocate for your choices.

Whether this is your first or your fourth pregnancy, a Mother Blessing creates an opportunity to pause and take a moment to focus on you as a woman, and to honour this time of transition.


 Pregnancy demands a lot from your body, and your mind. Massage creates a safe, gentle space for you to let go, relax, and to honour your body. Massage can help reduce aches and pains, and soothe any anxiety or stress.


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“Lily made me feel emotionally supported throughout. She was there for both of us and acted as the go-between between us and the midwife. She reassured me that everything was ok. Everyone should have a doula!” (Father)

“I couldn’t have wished for a better set of circumstances nor a better doula!” (Mother)

“Lily clearly loves the role of doula and brings great knowledge and empathy. She understood where I was coming from at every point and has a great ability to read situations.” (Mother)

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